SHARE Photography Camp in Scania, Sweden

vejbystrand majblommekoloni

For this Throwback Thursday I give you some behind the scenes photos of a photographers life. My friend and photography colleague Annelie Johnsson wanted to go to a workshop where photographers could just hang out, share their experiences in an informal setting, and have some fun together. She could not find such a workshop, so she decided to organise it herself! So this is my visit to the SHARE photography camp in April 2016. The location was beautiful Vejbystrand in the south of Sweden, and even if the weather was cold and windy we left the event with a feeling of warmth. Working as a photographer can be lonely sometimes, but meeting up with your colleagues and laughing a lot is the best remedy for loneliness.

Isabell N Wedin

Jenn & Amy – An Engagement in the Swiss Alps

Jenn and Amy met in the beautiful valley of Adelboden, Switzerland. According to the tale it was more or less love at first sight, and it did not take that long until these lovely ladies had put sparkly rings on their fingers. I am going to have the great honour of photographing their wedding later this year, and I am so much looking forward to it! This engagement session was a lot of fun, and I am sure the wedding will be awesome.

Small Steps Forward

On wobbly legs Filip heads out with his parents to conquer the forest of Singö. His attempt at walking is of course an immediate success! The secret is to take small steps forward, to put one foot in front of the other and not overthink it. has been on hiatus for a while, but now I am going to take small steps forward. My goal is simply to blog my images more often, and I already have a couple of posts lined up for you. Keep an eye out and you will soon see an engagement session in the Swiss Alps, a photography camp in a Swedish small town, and a forest wedding in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. See you soon!